Report by Dave Black on the recent Capanninni Cup

Competition held at Eglwys.

Which allowed Spinning or worming for 4 local fishing clubs.

Ok guys, today's competition at Eglwys which was supervised

by myself, Huw Evans and Jeff Thomas in which 41 fish were


Guys 75 % of today’s anglers used the fly fishing method.

This competition was a ONE off 6 hour 10-4.

No one took more than 4 fish. I checked all bags.

I’m disappointed with the comments on our facebook page

about members believing the whole lake is now open to all

methods it isn’t. Guys look at face of the youngster who won

the team event that’s what we are trying to promote.


















lts were as follows
1st Mr Keith Tanner - 6 fish for 25lb including time bonus = £250...
2nd Mr Stewart Watkins - 6 fish for 25lb including time bonus =£100
3rd Mr Stewart Bowket-6 fish for 16.25lb with time bonus= £50
4th Mr Jeff Thomas -6 fish for 16lb with time bonus=£30
5th Mr Nathan Seaward -10.75Lb =£20
Biggest fish seniors went to Mr Keith Tanner 4.5lbs Free season ticket 2020

Biggest fish Juniors went to Iolo Llywelyn Ap Dylan with 4.75 lb and a free junior

season ticket

for 2020 season.
Iolo also won the best junior bag of 21.25 lb with time bonus= £50
He also won the flyfishing starter kit donated by BVG group and the selection of flies


by Howard Winstone.

The prizes of vouchers from Mr Steve Morris, Mr Huw Evans,

Mr Dennis Southall (waders)

bottles of wine etc were in the raffle.

Open flyfishing competition

will now be held at Eglwys lake on Sunday the 2/6/19.

Competition registration will be from 8.30 am and

competition will be from 9.30 am -3.30 pm.

It will be an "Open competition" for Seniors

and for juniors (up to the age of 18)

There are a good number of prizes

including £500 (to be divided up) donated by Tata Steel

and a  season ticket for Eglwys 2020

also a free season ticket for a Junior.

BVG group  have donated a full starter kit for the

junior part of the competition and Smyfly have

donated two vouchers £30 and £20 to be spent

on their web site we expect many other items to

be donated by sponsors as we get closer to the




It will be Flyfishing only.
All competitors will be given a numbered card.

Fishing will start 9.30 am prompt and finish at

3.30 pm.
Anglers back to the lodge by 4.15pm for weigh in.
First 6 fish to be dispatched, fishing will then stop

get your card signed with time finished by nearest

angler too you.

It will be a 6 fish limit with time

bonus for seniors and the same for Juniors.

No limit on size of flies but a maximum of

3 flies on a cast.

If you have any interest in entering this

competition please e-mail

Refreshments Tea/Coffee will be supplied on

the day it is a friendly competition to promote the lake and

the benefits of fishing for all but especially

the younger generation.

We will be starting the stocking policy for 2018-2019 this Tuesday 11/12/2018.All members welcome to come along.  




Just an update for non members.
We will be running our usual offer for new members (who will be able to join prior to but not fish until December 1st).
We will be stocking with 2000 x 3lb fish early December dependant on water quality and temperature.
Prices remain the same as last year £200 plus membership of Tata Sports and Social Club £15.60.
The new jetty should hopefully be installed ready for the new season which should make it easier for our older members (me included)... to access the boats.
We intend having an "Open day" end of March early April to offer an opportunity for individuals to try flyfishing,
If you know of anyone who would like to take up this free offer please ask them to e-mail me so that we can assess how much interest there would be.?
The lake is currently full as an egg water quality not bad and temprature 14C.
Tight lines




To all trout fishermen in the area of Port Talbot.

Eglwys Nunnydd will be allowing all method angling for Trout from the 1st June Fishing will be allowed along the short wall only.

The area will be marked out


Tickets will be £20 for 6 fish No catch  any method as prescribed below only on the short wall.. 





Tata Club Rules with regard to any method fishing on Short wall.


The only bait fishing will be with worms. “Maggots and Power bait “are strictly prohibited.


There are some large eels in the reservoir and should they be caught they are to be treated with respect and returned unharmed, if they swallow the bait the leader is to be cut rather than trying to remove the hook. There are also a variety of coarse fish including Roach which also will be returned unharmed.


Worming, either ledger or float fishing.


Only one rod to be set up at any time but you can carry a spare rod.
No live baiting.
No ground baiting.
No catch and release, all fish caught must be dispatched other than eels or coarse fish.

Maximum 6 fish limit for Day ticket anglers.


Please contact Stephen Gale on 07791429672 for further information or visit web site at











The lake is fishing exceptionally well with plenty of limit bags being taken.

Fish are now in the top layers and being caught on the washing line with Diawls or buzzers on the droppers. There are some being caught on Dries but the best of that fishing is yet to come. Some excellent bags are also coming to snakes pulled quickly through the first few feet with a 7lb fish caught today on that method.

The committee has introduced early the Evening ticket for those who are unable to fish all day,it costs £10 for a maxiomum 10 Catch and release. Fishing can start at 4.00p[m you can sign in at 3.45. This will continue throughout April reverting to 5pm in May.







We have now stocked the lake with 4000 plus Rainbows of 2.75 lbs or more the lake will have another 500 fish to go in early April.

The fishing has not been fantastic but there are fish being caught in different areas with the entrance and the short wall being the best places.

The Spring Welsh International side had a fund raiser on the 17th February and there were plenty of fish caught (catch and release)with the winning bag being 7 fish to Stuart Bowkett and Kieron Jenkins also taking 7 but a little later a total of 45 fish caught by 16 anglers.


Gents, we're delighted to announce that with the help (again!) of Natural Resources Wales we have been given a brand new floating boat pontoon and access platform - photo hopefully attached. It's not on site yet as we have to do some work to accommodate it, but it's safe to say that this could be the start of a safe, modern, modular jetty for our anglers. Once again, huge thanks to Dave Charlesworth for sorting this out.
It will take some time to get this equipment installed, so for now we imagine the existing jetty will be used as usual for the start of the coming season, with the new one being phased in as we install it. I'll put up more info as and when we have it.

Gents, a few further developments...

We are once again offering our Xmas deal for new/returning members - Join in December for the 2018 season and you get 3 months free (Dec 2017, Jan and Feb 2018) You can join from 1st Dec.
This is a great offer gents, see below for more reasons to sign up!!We have kept our prices the same again, (no increase for 5 years this is great value.

In conjunction with the AGM stocking vote that should mean at least 1000 fish in the lake for Xmas.

The  Kayak fishing now has full approval, so if you have any friends who enjoy it, please tell them about Eglwys. You must be a member, and will need to apply to the committee before your first trip.


Further to the AGM it was agreed that we would "trial" this coming year 2018, opening the short wall only to "any method anglers" as prescribed by the NRW rules for Trout fishing. 
This trial will be from the time that the committee decide that catch and release is stopped at the lake.

This will be also open to non members purchasing a Day Ticket.

If you are aware of anyone who may be interested please pass this on to them.


Stocking policy for 2020

The stocking policy for 2020 will be a total of 5000 good quality rainbows . We are starting on the 9th of December this year to give members and Day tickets anglers the opportunity to wet a line over the Xmas period.















For application forms please contact Mrs Sue Murphy at the Sports and Social Club

Telephone number -01639 872283.

Online Application forms are now available please contact Stephen.Gale on                                        




Facebook link below- for up to the minute reports and recent photos.
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