Membership Benefits.

   We will not be selling season tickets until December of this year due to the lake becoming unfishable due to the water level dropping and the weed growth.

New members joining in December will be getting the first 3 months free i.e.. December January ,February. Followed with a full years membership with the benefits below.

The committee are yet to set prices for Season Tickets and Day tickets but they will be announced prior to December.



As a full member you are entitled to-

Fish 365 Days of the year.

 Catch and release up to 15 fish a day inclusive of any fish killed. Members currently allowed  to dispatch 4 fish a week  (these limits can be changed as and when committee deem necessary .)

 Allowed to bring along children /grandchildren up to the age of 16 who can fish on your membership you are responsible for their safety and rod license.


Boat fishing at £10.00 a session per angler am or pm and £15 am or pm for two when boats are in the water.

All day fishing boats can be booked for £25 for two according to availability.

Access to a private locked fishery.

You are also allowed to bring along a friend to try flyfishing on your membership but only one rod to be used. No more than three visits per friend.

Fantastic value for £225 a year and Sports and Social membership of £15.60 (currently).