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                                Invasive Shrimp.
Angling restrictions to stop the spread of the Invasive Shrimp.
1. No bass bags to be used to keep fish, plastic bags only.
2. Landing nets are also of special concern and should not be left in the water and only immersed when landing fish.Thorough inspection is required again on leaving the lake.
3. Anglers to ensure their footwear and fishing gear is not harbouring any shrimp before leaving lake.
Air drying is an effective way of killing the shrimp.All kit must be dried before being used elsewhere.
When cleaning your fish please behead and gut into newspaper and dispose of through normal waste cycling. Do not under any circumstances allow the possibility of shrimp entering any water courses including toilets, sinks and drains.

When the boats are in the water the following applies. 
No bass bags. Use drogues that are provided. Landing nets are also provided. 
This problem is ongoing and updates will be posted in the lodge and this web site on a regular basis.


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