Prices are as follows=
Full Day Ticket  £20 8 fish  no catch and release.
Telephone or e-mail the number below ,you will be required to give your name and car
Also the date you wish to fish along with your rod licence number.
You will be given the access code to the lock on the main gate.
On entering the fishery you must then go to the fishing lodge signing in room .



1                      Please complete ALL sections of the ‘booking-in’ register.

***The number in the left-hand column is your ‘Day Ticket No.***


Memorise or make a note of it and provide it to a bailiff upon request.


(Please note that ALL members of TATA Game Angling are bailiffs).


2                   Enter your ‘Day Ticket No.’ in the relevant space on one of the

                    Envelopes’ provided.

Fill in ALL other details as requested.


Place your money inside the envelope, seal same and deposit in chute.



Don’t forget to enter time leaving & no. of fish caught/taken.



Enter your name Car reg Date time etc on the
Day Ticket signing in form.
 You will then put your Fishing fee in the envelope provided with the ticket and
then into the letter box safe on the right hand side.
Catch and release must be done with care .Please read the rules of the fishery
and the Invasive Shrimp rules.Arrangements can be made to provide access to
Fishing Clubs wishing to hold competitions on the Lake,
Please contact Stephen Gale Honorary Secretary on
07791429672 or
You must read and abide by the Risk Assessment below before visiting the Lake

Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir

Risk assessment and risk control measures for a phased return to recreational angling following the coronavirus lockdown

Date: 01/12 2020

Draft 2 FINAL (A Phillips)

Next review of the assessment: as changes to legislation and national guidance dictate.

Government legislation and guidance applies in full to all anglers. The following risk assessment gives control measures that seek to take into account legislation and guidance at the time of writing, and nothing here gives anglers consent to override this legislation and national guidance. While Tata Game Angling believes that the risk control measures if applied by all in full should significantly reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus, some residual risks may remain. Anglers therefore may return to fish the reservoir but this is their own choice and entirely at their own risk. The club has a large number of members who are 70 or more years of age, and as with persons more vulnerable to coronavirus infection due to health factors, they should carefully evaluate any return to the reservoir against the likely greater consequences should they become infected.

Tata Game Angling Committee will periodically review the return to fishing at the reservoir, amending measures or access to the reservoir as needed or as dictated by either Tata or legislation changes. The Committee will discipline any anglers that do not comply with the risk control measures with immediate removal of their fishing rights.

The risk assessment is compatible with Angling Cymru’s proposal in a letter to Lesley Griffiths MS, dated 05 May 2020 for a safe return to recreational angling, and with Pillar Two of the Welsh Government’s ‘Leading Wales out of the coronavirus pandemic’ document.

Activity and hazards

Risk without controls

Risk control measures

Residual risk after controls

Risk control measures in place?

  1. Anglers going fishing at the reservoir while infected with Coronavirus.

Hazard is potential for an angler with symptoms of Coronavirus or possible recent exposure to Covid-19 entering the reservoir curtilage and spreading the infection to other persons or onto surfaces where others may come into contact with the virus.


  1. Government guidelines apply with regard to isolation for infected persons and those in contact with infected persons.

  2. No angler to go to the reservoir if they currently have symptoms that may be Covid-19, or if they are isolating having had these symptoms or believe that they might have the infection even if they show few or no symptoms.

  3. No angler to go to the reservoir if they think that they have been in contact with someone who has had Coronavirus and has not fully recovered to be symptom free. As per government guidelines, those contacting an infected person must isolate.


Yes - advised

  1. The personal responsibility of anglers that do not currently have Coronavirus to reduce the risk of infection to themselves or other persons.

General guidance about reducing the hazards of the virus through social distancing, good hygiene and minimising travel while fishing at the reservoir.


Government guidelines on social distancing apply, and in particular:

  1. Anglers walking or meeting other persons must maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres from any other person.

  2. No sharing of any equipment including nets.

  3. While fishing, all anglers must keep a minimum of 15 metres apart.

Points 1,2 and 3 above do not apply between members of the same household.

In addition:

  1. All anglers provide, carry and use protective gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes including it is recommended, when handling gates or other surfaces. Temporary signs will be placed at these locations to remind anglers.

  2. Anglers should minimise travel including by taking any food and drink with them to avoid having to travel to buy this and return to the reservoir.

  3. A copy of this risk assessment will be clearly displayed on the outside of the fishing lodge (and updated as required).

Very low

Yes - advised


No – notices to be installed when fishing recommences

  1. Car travel within the curtilage of the reservoir

Hazard is person to person transmission from droplet infection or from surfaces that may hold the virus.


  1. Anglers must travel on their own in any vehicle when within the reservoir curtilage (unless members of the same household) to maintain safe distancing as per government guidance, no sharing of transport.


Yes - advised

  1. Access and egress at main gate

Hazard in handling surfaces that may be holding the virus. Necessary operation of the combination padlock, moving the sliding bar and swinging gate open and closed to allow vehicular entry.


The main gate is an obvious infection risk as all persons entering and leaving the reservoir will handle the lock and gate.

  1. Anglers should protect their hands from contact with these surfaces. It is recommended that disposable gloves are used, disinfectant wipes used on gates and the lock, and hands sanitised following their removal before getting back into the car to drive off.

  2. Notice at this point reminding anglers of the need to use gloves, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizers.

Very low

Yes – advised


No – notices to be installed when fishing recommences

  1. Angler with season permit booking in and out at the fishing lodge ticket office.

Hazards in handling surfaces, including booking sheets etc. that may be holding the virus.


  1. The ticket office will be open.

  2. Season permit members will book in and out using their own pens. It is recommended that disposable gloves are used, disinfectant wipes and hands to be sanitised.

  3. Anglers will wear face coverings whilst booking in and out.




  1. Angler wishing to purchase a day ticket at the fishing lodge office


Hazards in handling surfaces including paperwork that may be holding virus.


  1. Day tickets are available to anglers who will have to contact the club secretary for ratification of their agreement to abide by this risk assessment before receiving the new access code.


Anglers that wish to buy a day ticket need to telephone the club Secretary Stephen Gale (telephone 07791 429672).  Anglers must advise of when they intend to fish, give their car registration number. The Secretary will advise of the main gate lock combination and how to pay for the day permit.

Payment will be able to be made through the current set up in the Day Ticket office.


Please put the correct money in an envelope with your name leaving home and deposit in the safe. Enter your name in the Members signing in book with (Day Ticket) written in with your usual details.



  1. Accessing the fishing lodge and toilet facilities


Hazard in handling surfaces and maintaining good hygiene.


  1. The fishing lodge and toilet facilities will remain closed, so removing this risk completely.

  2. As some members have lodge keys, an additional padlock will be fitted to the lodge door to prevent access.


Yes, and an additional padlock will be installed once fishing recommences.

  1. Car parking

Hazards from not maintaining the required social distancing


  1. Cars to be parked in allocated car parking areas only and with a minimum of 2 metres social distancing maintained between occupants.

  2. Notices at car parks to reminding anglers to maintain distancing when parking.

Very low

Yes – advised


No – notices to be installed when fishing recommences

  1. Anglers passing through the short wall, BorgWarner wall and BOC wall gates, also gate accessing the yacht club point

Hazard in handling surfaces that may be holding virus. Necessary operation of releasing the gate and swinging it open and closing. 


The presence of livestock means that these gates must remain in use and cannot be kept open (unless already opened by farmer or Tata).

  1. Anglers should protect their hands from contact with these surfaces. It is recommended that disposable gloves are used, disinfectant wipes and hands sanitised following their removal before proceeding.

  2. Notices at these points reminding anglers of the need to use disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers.

Very low

Yes – advised


No – notices to be installed when fishing recommences

  1. Boat angling including jetty and slipway

Hazard of infection from contact with surfaces and equipment when accessing, loading and offloading, also in sharing equipment such as a landing net, and maintaining necessary social distancing when fishing.



  1. Boat and kayak angling will be suspended and not recommence until government guidance indicates that the risks are sufficiently reduced.

  2. A revised risk assessment will be produced when boat and kayak fishing is to resume.



No angler will interact with any member of Tata personnel or any member of the public who may have wandered on to the lake.

No member may share the gate code.

A member of the committee will be on duty at the lake on a daily basis, they will have been given a list of members who will be at the lake that day.

Any member of Tata personnel is entitled to ask for your name and membership number and can check with the Game angling secretary.

Should any member be infringing on the rules of this Risk Assessment will have their Membership withdrawn and it may well lead to the lake being closed to all.