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Day Tickets 

For day tickets please contact Justin on 07971 540924 (text is fine), or 01446 774811.
Email is also fine -
I will need your name, the day you want to fish, rod licence number and car reg number. Also the same information is required for anyone coming with you.
Please give me a couple of day's notice if possible as I am still in full time work and may not get any messages on the day they are sent...
We have started stocking, with 2000 fish in the lake and more to go in soon, and the lake is fishing well.
Day ticket prices
Full day - £25, keep 3 fish, catch and release up to 15 fish including the 3 dispatched fish
When the clocks change we will offer an evening ticket, price to be confirmed at that time
Procedure -
Once your day ticket has been approved you will be given the access code to the lock on the main gate.

Drive around the lake for a few hundred yards or so and you'll see the lodge on the left, there is gravel car park in front of it.

Sign in room is on the left, day ticket section is on the right hand side of the desk. Fill in the sign-in sheet and permit, keep one half of the permit to show the bailiffs and put the other half in an envelope with your payment and put it in the postbox in the wall. 

You can fish from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after.


Please remember to sign out and fill in your catch return when you finish fishing, this is so we know who is left on the lake in case of any emergencies and to help us monitor fish stocks.

Catch and release must be done with care. Please read the rules of the fishery
and the Invasive Shrimp rules.
Arrangements can be made to provide access to Fishing Clubs wishing to hold competitions on the Lake,

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