Prices are as follows=
Full Day Ticket  £20 you are allowed to dispatch 8 fish. No catch and release allowed..
ou can also have an evening ticket after 4pm which costs £10 and you can despatch 4 fish.
No catch and release allowed.
Telephone or e-mail the number below ,you will be required to give your name and car
Also the date you wish to fish along with your rod licence number.
You will be given the access code to the lock on the main gate.
On entering the fishery you must then go to the fishing lodge signing in room .



1                      Please complete ALL sections of the ‘booking-in’ register.

***The number in the left-hand column is your ‘Day Ticket No.***


Memorise or make a note of it and provide it to a bailiff upon request.


(Please note that ALL members of TATA Game Angling are bailiffs).


2                   Enter your ‘Day Ticket No.’ in the relevant space on one of the

                    Envelopes’ provided.

Fill in ALL other details as requested.


Place your money inside the envelope, seal same and deposit in chute.



Don’t forget to enter time leaving & no. of fish caught/taken.



Enter your name Car reg Date time etc on the
Day Ticket signing in form.
 You will then put your Fishing fee in the envelope provided with the ticket and
then into the letter box safe on the right hand side.
Catch and release must be done with care .Please read the rules of the fishery
and the Invasive Shrimp rules.Arrangements can be made to provide access to
Fishing Clubs wishing to hold competitions on the Lake,
Please contact Mr Justin Isaac on 07971540924 or