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Eglwys Nunydd is a lake which was created by the then British Steel Works to supply water for the rolling mills and other ancillary equipment of Port Talbot Steel Works.
Whilst for about two thirds of its circumference it is a ‘concrete bowl’ which provides easy access to anglers with all manner of abilities, the remaining bank space offers a far more natural approach for the more ‘purist’ fisherman by being able to fish off grass or rock banks or pebble bays if that is what you prefer. We also have some designated disabled areas.

Members also have access to boat fishing which is exceptional at a nominal fee of £5 per session.

Whilst not as picturesque as some of the other Welsh lakes, despite its predominant ‘concrete bowl’ appearance, there are nevertheless some wonderful vistas to be enjoyed such as the nearby Margam Park Estate and mountains beyond and is also, most probably, the best top of the water venue in the country!

The  major contributing factor for this is the depth of the lake. The 260 acres is on average around 12 feet and at its deepest 18 feet. It is surrounded by marshland with the resulting airborne insects adding to the emerging fly life from the lake itself.
The downside of having a shallow lake is that it warms up quickly in the Summer and often, dependant on the weather the lake can become very difficult from as early as mid-June, when it becomes a case of very early morning or late evening fishing for the stalwarts.
The lake is now stocked from December through to April.  
The lake is stocked with Rainbows Blues and occasionally Brownies (all Brownies to be returned) our current stocking policy is 4000  plus fish in total for the year and we have found that with the membership taking on board the option of catch and release this figure is more than enough to provide excellent sport.

The lake is open 365 days a year and priced at £200 membership plus contribution to the Sports and Social Club of £16.50 make us the best value fishing Club in Wales.

The main gates are now locked and all members have the access code.

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