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Tata Game Angling Fishing Rules.

Tata Game Angling Section

 Rules and Byelaws 2023-24


   Contravention of any of the Sections rules may mean your permit being withdrawn immediately, together with you being required to attend a     Disciplinary  hearing.


   Anglers are requested to weigh in and record all specimen fish, plus any information which may be useful to the Section’s publicity. A trophy is          presented for heaviest fish caught each season.


   General rules

   Boat Rules

   Catch and release rules

   General rules.


  1. The Game Angling Section is governed by the rules of its Parent Body Company Tata PLC, Sports and Social Club, the rules of the section and any Byelaws of the NRW.


  1. Tata PLC reserves the right to exclude anglers at any time from the reservoir without prior notice.


  1. When requested by a Bailiff your ticket, with photograph attached and which MUST be kept in your immediate possession at ALL TIMES whilst at the lake, must be handed over for inspection.


  1. Every member of the Tata Game Angling Section is a Bailiff and can request sight of any Members or Day ticket Anglers permit, question any Anglers methods that you believe to be improper or contravening the Section rules. Any offence seen must be reported to a Committee member or the Club Secretary.


  1. All anglers must hold a valid NRW rod licence.


  1. Members are allowed to despatch 6 fish per week (week to run from Sunday to Saturday) and to catch up to 15 fish (catch and release) a day.  As soon as 6th fish is dispatched fishing must stop. There are no yearly limits. Limits may be altered as and when the committee deem prudent; notices will be posted informing members of any changes to this rule.


  1. The permitted fishing times are from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset only.


  1. Static line fishing with sinking lines is not allowed. Also, a rod being left unattended or attached to any part of the angler’s equipment or fixtures at the reservoir is not allowed.


  1. Only artificial fly-fishing with single rod reel and line is permitted.


  1. Anglers must retain their own catch.


  1. Wading is allowed but members must adhere to the rules attached.


  1. If a ‘bank angler’ chooses to fish in a ‘designated wading area’ which is already occupied by a person who is ‘wading’ then the former MUST first make their presence known to the ‘wader’ and ask permission to do so ensuring that their fishing actions will not be likely to cause the person wading or others injury, damage or otherwise interfere with their fishing experience. If any such injury or damage is caused then the bank angler will be held solely responsible.


  1. Priests must be used to dispatch fish.


  1. Landing nets (of sufficient dimensions for the size of fish in the lake) must be used to land fish which are being killed. They can also be used when fish are being released but should be kept close to the waters edge whilst unhooking. The unhooking of fish whilst they are in the water with a tool or forceps is allowed.


  1. The use of knotted landing nets is forbidden.


  1. No Angler is to fish within 10 metres of another Angler unless invited to do so by that Angler.


  1. “No fishing” and “no parking” signs must be obeyed. Map displayed in Lodge signing in room.


  1. No dogs are allowed at the lake.


  1. The speed limit is 20mph on all reservoir roads.


  1. Litter and all discarded tackle (nylon etc) must be removed from the reservoir and disposed of in a proper environmentally friendly method.


  1. Before fishing, anglers must “book in” at the lodge using the form provided each time they fish, and “book out” on leaving the reservoir, completing the catch return as required.

   Boat Rules

              Boats are for the use of members only, non members must fish with a member. Anyone who goes out in a boat must be able to swim and also          carry a mobile telephone with them in case of emergencies.


  1. A maximum of 2(two) anglers per boat, plus one non angler.

  2. A morning ticket is valid from sunrise, and must be berthed at the Section’s jetty by 2pm. An afternoon boat ticket is valid from 2pm and the boat must be berthed by the Section’s jetty by sunset.

  3. Jetty code is available to members who wish to use boats.

  4. No boat may be towed by another unless in an emergency.

  5. Boats can be powered by an engine (up to 5 hp) or by oars. Boats are equipped with two oars (also for use in an emergency) an anchor and a bailer. If any of the equipment is missing, the boat must not be used and committee member informed. Any damage to a boat must be reported on the day it occurred. 

  6. Life jackets must be worn at all times.

  7. No boat fishing or motoring within 50 yards of a bank angler or overhead electric cables. Please see map in lodge.

  8. Waders must not be worn on boats.

  9. No standing in boats.

  10. Trolling of flies or lures is not allowed.

  11. Fish finders are not allowed.

  12. Boats are to be kept well away from yachts that are racing, and when proceeding to or from your fishing destination you must not cross the racing line, always go around. If requested to move by a rescue/safety boat you must do so without delay.

    Catch and release rules

  1. Catch and Release is permitted if done with care and good practice all deeply hooked or bleeding fish must be killed (other than Browns see rule 3.)

  2. The committee reserves the right if they deem necessary to stop Catch and Release. Signs will be placed at the reservoir informing Anglers accordingly. 

  3. No brown trout to be killed they must be released. Deeply hooked fish must have the nylon cut with scissors or clippers and the fly left in the fish.

  4. Once your limit has been killed you must cease fishing immediately.

  5. Live fish must not be kept in nets.

  6. You may be asked to move from recently stocked fish or your angling position with 30 minutes notice.

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