Boat Fishing Rules

Boats are for the use of members only, non members may fish with a member.

 A maximum of 2(two) anglers per boat, plus one non angler.

 A morning ticket is valid from sunrise, and must be berthed at the sections jetty by 2pm. An afternoon boat ticket is valid from  2 pm and the boat must be berthed by the sections jetty by sunset.

 Access to the Jetty is by a combination lock and all members can request the code from secretary.

 Boats are only to be powered by an engine (up to 5 hp) or with two oars.An anchor,bailer and a drouge are supplied. If any of the equipment is missing, the boat must not be used. Any damage to a boat must be reported on the day it occurred.

 Life jackets must be worn at all times.(not supplied)

 No boat fishing or motoring within 50yards of a bank angler or overhead electric cables please see map in lodge.

 Waders must not be worn on boats.

 No standing in boats.

 Trolling of flies or lures is not allowed.

 Fish finders are not allowed.

Boats are to be kept well away from yachts that are racing, and when proceeding to or from your fishing destination you must not cross the racing line, always go around. If requested to move by a rescue/safety boat you must do so without delay.